High Impact Science-Public Policy Presentations


  • New York, NY. February 7, 2020: The state of the world’s oceans and the landscape of global fisheries subsidies: achieving SDG Target 14.6. Life Below Water: Achieving SDG Target 14.6 by June, Pew Charitable Trusts.


  • Madrid, Spain. December 6, 2019: How can ending overfishing help mitigate climate change? Our Fish Event, COP25; Madrid, Spain.

  • Oslo, Friday June 14 (3 – 4pm): Why Norway should be at the forefront of the push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies - Meeting with Norwegian Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • Oslo, Friday June 14 (12:30 – 2pm): Why Chile’s laudable ocean conservation effort should take on subsidies disciplines - Lunch meeting with Chilean Ambassador to Norway and other ambassadors.

  • Berlin, Thursday June 13, 2019: Why Germany should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies - German Gov't Meetings with WWF Germany.

  • Brussels, Wednesday June 12, 2019 (3 – 5 pm): Why ACP countries should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies - ACP Secretariat Presentation.

  • Brussels, Wednesday June 12, 2019 (10 – 12 noon): Informal lunch discussion with Karlijn from Adessium (funder of the European Listening Tour).

  • Brussels, Wednesday June 12, 2019 (10 – 12 noon): Why Europe should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies - Public Briefing.

  • Geneva, Tuesday June 11, 2019 (6 – 8 pm): Wrap-up comment @ Reception in WTO atrium. Audience: WTO trade negotiators, WTO Secretariat staff.

  • Geneva, Tuesday June 11, 2019 (5 – 6 pm): Why WTO Negotiators should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies – Australia, Latin 6, New Zealand and Brazil Delegates.

  • Geneva, Tuesday June 11, 2019 (4 – 5 pm): Why India should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. India Delegates.

  • Geneva, Switzerland, June 11, 2019 (3 – 4 pm). Why the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Group (ACP) should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. ACP Geneva Delegates.

  • Geneva, Switzerland, June 11, 2019 (1 – 3 pm). Why WTO negotiators should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. 100 WTO Trade Negotiators/Delegates, some non-profit representatives.

  • Geneva, Switzerland, June 11, 2019 (11:30 am – 12:45 pm). Why LDCs should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. WTO Trade Negotators, the LDC Group.

  • Geneva, Switzerland, June 11, 2019 (10:30 – 11:30 am). Why WTO negotiators should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies.

  • Geneva, Switzerland, June 11, 2019 (8 – 10:00 am). Why ambassadors should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. Ambassadors’ Breakfast.

  • London, UK, June 10, 2019: Why the UK should push for a WTO agreement on harmful subsidies. UKGOV and Commonwealth Secretariat.

  • Roatán, Honduras, June 6-7, 2019: with Herrera, Claudia; Vanderbeck, Isabelle. Innovative solutions for integrated management and sustainable use of marine resources. Green Solutions for a Blue Planet, Blue Economy Summit.

  • London, UK, June 5, 2019: A question of economics. A Global Agreement for the High Seas, Blue Marine Foundation. Also, High seas management: a regional, global or hybrid approach? Breakout group, A Global Agreement for the High Seas, Blue Marine Foundation.

  • Mauritius, May 27, 2019: What would you tell WHITE HOUSE on Oceans; how would you prepare for it? UNEP Nairobi Convention, WIO Regional Science to Policy Workshop.

  • San Diego, CA, January 11, 2019: Interdisciplinary collaborative ocean economics research with examples from the ‘ocean trenches.’ Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC), Scripps Institution of Oceanography 6th Annual Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker Lecture Event.


  • Singapore, April 27, 2018: Doomsday analysis - the economic, social, and food security outcomes of IUU fishing. APEC Experts Workshop on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.

  • Cambridge University, March 27-29, 2018: The conservation and fair sharing of ocean and fishery resources: Contributions from fisheries economics. Plenary speaker at the 2018 Student Conference on Conservation Science.

  • Warsaw, March 8-10, 2018: Effect of plastic in the ocean. European Young Leaders Summit.

  • New York, March 2, 2018: The oceans are too large to ignore. Ocean Luminaries event, American Museum of Natural History (Sold Out crowd).

  • Brussels, February 21, 2018: The Oceans are Our lives. Seminar presentation to Members of the European Parliament and the EU commissioner for the Environment and Fisheries.


  • Stockholm, November 29, 2017: Fair sharing of the global ocean: climate change, subsidies and large-scale protection. Volvo Environmental Prize Seminar.

  • Victoria, BC, November 7, 2017: First Nations Fisheries Council (120 participants; 70 different First Nations groups).


  • Washington, DC, September 15-16, 2016: Our Ocean Conference hosted by Secretary John Kerry, with presentation by President Barack Obama. I was the scene-setter for the Sustainable Fisheries Panel.

  • Rome, March, 9, 2016: Invited speaker at The 10X20 Initiative Conference on MPAs on “Scientific Consensus on MPA Financing”. Guest of the Foreign Minister of Italy.

  • Rome, March, 7, 2016: Invited speaker at The 10X20 Initiative Conference on MPAs on “MPA Financing: Why invest in MPAs”. Guest of the Foreign Minister of Italy.


  • Nairobi, December, 16, 2015: Trade and Development Symposium at the WTO Ministerial Meeting, on “E15 policy options on oceans and fisheries”.

  • Hong Kong, November, 3, 2015: Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong Seminar on “Diminishing fish stocks diminishing fortunes from the SCS”.

  • Valparaiso, Chile, October 5, 2015: Secretary John Kerry’s Our Oceans Conference on the “Benefits of managing ocean living resources sustainably”.

  • Geneva, Sep 29, 2015: UNCTAD and ComSec AHEM Meeting on Trade in Sustainable Fisheries, on “Subsidies weaken the sustainability of global fisheries while increasing inequality among fishers”.

  • Victoria, B.C., November 26, 2015: Invited speaker at the 2015 Royal Society of Canada Symposium: “Social license and marine biodiversity”.

  • Washington D.C., November 17, 2015: “Congressional Briefing on the fisheries subsidies provisions in Environment Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

  • Valparaiso, Chile, October 6, 2015: Invited talk to the Board of Directors of Oceana (a leading global NGO): “Subsidies, sustainability and inequality among fishers”.

  • San Jose, USA, March 17, 2015: “The quest for ocean sustainability: A new role for the high seas?” AAAS Annual Meeting.


  • Addis Ababa, September 15, 2014: “The economic and social rationale for the establishment of a Pan African Blue Ocean Institute”. AU-GOC-AfDB Meeting, African Union Headquarters.

  • Valparaiso, July 3, 2014: “How do we cope with social and economic pressure of the fishing crisis?” International seminar: Fisheries crisis in Chile: the challenge of turning the tide.

  • Geneva, April 28-29, 2014: “Fishing for the future: trends and issues in global fisheries trade”. Presentation to the E15 Expert Group on Oceans, Fisheries and the Trade System.

  • Kuwait, December 17-18, 2014: “Global Food Security and Climate Change from a Socio-Economic Perspective”. Food Security and Climate Change Workshop.

  • Kochi, December 5, 2014: “Challenges in property rights & marine fisheries management: An economist's perspective”.

  • Vancouver, March 29, 2014: “The sustainability of the global ocean”. Vancouver Institute Public Lecture.

  • New York, February 18, 2014: “Why Pacific Small Island States should care about the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction”. A briefing to a group of Ambassadors of Pacific Island States Missions at the United Nations.


  • New York, November 20, 2013: “Why Caribbean countries should care about high seas biodiversity?” Caribbean Ambassadors’ Briefing, United Nations.

  • New York, November 18, 2013: “Why African countries should care about high seas biodiversity?” African Union Ambassadors’ Briefing, United Nations.

  • Geneva, October 21, 2013: “A Re-estimation of Global Fisheries Subsidies”. Talk at the World Trade Organization.

  • Brussels, October 17, 2013: “Global Fisheries Subsidies”. Presentation at the European Parliament, Committee on Fisheries.

  • Cape Town, March 22, 2013: “Global ocean economics”. Presentation to members of the Global Ocean Commission (www.globaloceancommission.org/).


  • Ottawa, November 27, 2012: “The Value and Opportunities of Healthy Oceans” at the “Oceans on the Hill” event hosted by Canada’s All Party Ocean Caucus and WWF-Canada.

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 23-25, 2012: Harnessing Fishery Resources: Swimming the Tide to Africa’s Development”. African Development Forum VIII, theme: “Governing & Harnessing Natural Resources for Growth and Development.” [audience was over 1000 people].

  • Washington, D.C., July 12, 2012: A hearing of the US congressional subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulation entitled “Sinking the Marine Industry: How regulations are affecting today’s maritime businesses”.

  • Rio de Janeiro, June 16-19, 2012: Panellist at Rio+20 Sustainable Development Dialogues Oceans panel session. The audience was about 2000 people, including Kings, Queens, Nobel Prize winners and high-level government officials.

  • Nairobi, April 4-5, 2012: “The management of fish stocks and the importance of fish for food security in Africa”. United Nations human rights summit on the Right to Food.

  • Singapore, February 22-24, 2012: Debate: "Feeding the world - are oceans the solution?". Session entitled "Biodiversity: threats and opportunities". World Oceans Summit.

  • London, February 3, 2012: Address at the Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit (ISU) Marine Programme Launch.


  • Durban, December 3, 2011: “Climate change impacts on the biophysics and economics of world fisheries”. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17).

  • New York, June 20-24, 2011: Panellist to the twelfth meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea, United Nations.

  • New York, June 8, 2011: Panellist to discussion entitled “Our oceans: greening our future” on World Oceans Day at the United Nations. UN Headquarters.

  • Vancouver, February 4, 2011: A meeting of DFO senior management convened and attended by the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Canada. Gave a talk on strategies to mitigate ecological, social & equity concerns arising from catch share management.


  • Brussels, September 29, 2010: Dinner meeting with the chair of the reform committee of and Members of the European Parliament, on the results of work by my group on global fisheries economics.

  • London, June 6-7, 2010: Group of forty G20 countries’ Members of Parliament, talk on the occasion of World Ocean Day, on the potential sustainability impacts of fisheries subsidies, British House of Lords.

  • Nairobi, March 29, 2010: Keynote address on the benefits of ecosystem-based fisheries management at the Conference of the Parties Meeting, the Western Indian Ocean Stocktaking Session, UNEP Headquarters.

  • London, March 17-18, 2010: Workshop convened and attended by Prince Charles on how to transition fisheries to a more resilient and sustainable states, St James Palace.


  • Geneva, November 17-18, 2009: The United Nations, gave a talk as part of a review of the forthcoming UN Green Economy Report, on the potential economic advantage of 'greening' global fisheries.


  • Nouakchott, November 16, 2008: One hour meeting with the Minister of Fisheries, Mauritania as a pre-view of a talk I gave at a workshop on the impacts of bottom trawling and hydraulic dredging on the potential net discounted fisheries benefits to the country.

  • Monaco, March 20-21, 2008: Chaired and provided comments at a workshop sponsored by the Prince Albert II Foundation in Monaco entitled “Prospects for the sustainable management of fishery resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction”. The Prince of Monaco attended the closing session of the meeting.

  • Ottawa, February 28, 2008: The Standing Committee on Fisheries, Canadian Parliament, on the potential effects of decisions taken by the WTO on Canadian fisheries.


  • New York, October 3, 2007: G77 Countries of the United Nations Briefing on the current state of global fisheries: Implications for developing countries.

  • Geneva, May, 2007: Country representatives at the WTO, talk on fisheries subsidies, the scope, magnitude and sustainability on its effect on the sustainability of fish resources.


  • Washington D.C., June 15, 2006: Congressional (Hill) Briefing on the economics of rebuilding U.S. overfished stocks.


  • Washington D.C., March 31, 2005: Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President of the USA, the White House, talk on the economics of marine ecosystem restoration.

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