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Sep 28. 300 Chinese Fishing Ships Off South America Coast Raise Food Security Worries. New Delhi Times.

Sep 28. Western banks provide billions in backing for firms driving tuna species to collapse. Greenpeace.

Sep 26. SciLit Week: Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila is saving the world’s oceans one fish at a time. The Ubyssey.

Sep 16. No green recovery without blue economy, and no blue economy without fish. The Chronicle Herald.

Sep 1. Long fishery closure ahead? Fraser sockeye fishery could be shut down for years. Castanet.

Aug 28. Closing Canadian fisheries would help rebuild stocks and lead to economic gains: study. The Narwhal.

August 17. Economic implications of protecting 30% world’s land. The Guardian Nigeria.

August 11. Tropical fisheries projected to decline 40 per cent by 2050s. Mirage.

August 06. Impact of climate change on tropical fisheries would create ripples across the world. Science Daily.

July 31. Plastic Flow Into Ocean Expected to Triple by 2040, But Action Could Stem Tide More Than 80%. Sci Tech Daily.

July 30. Under the sea: What coronavirus is doing to the world’s marine mammals. Global News.

July 06. Climate impacts on tropical fisheries may ripple across the globe.

June 30. WTO fishing subsidies negotiations to resume, as China drops case against EU. SeafoodSource.

June 14. Reusable bags slowly return to B.C. stores as plastic ones used during pandemic pile up. CBC.

Jun 12. Webinar: Closing the gap: financing the transition towards an inclusive blue economy. IIED.

June 9. What will it take to save the ocean from unrelenting human harm? Maclean’s.

May 22. To Help Coral Reefs, Strategic Local Management Is Key. Pew Trusts.

March 20. IUU economic estimates climb as high as USD 50 billion in new study. SeafoodSource.

March 13. La lutte pour les poissons de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Den Multimedia.

March 12. Counting the cost of fish fraud: ‘billions’ lost to illicit fisheries. FoodNavigator.

March 12. The fight for west Africa’s fish. Financial Times.

March 8. The invisible women of small scale fisheries contribute 11% of global catch. Forbes.

Feb 26 2020; Science Daily: Billions lost as illicit fisheries trade hurting nations who can afford it least.

Feb 26 2020; Der Tagesspiegel: Billions lost as illicit fisheries trade hurting nations who can afford it least.

Feb 19 2020; Anthropocene Magazine: Identifying and ending subsidies for extinction.

Feb 13 2020; Kicker: Dumping drugs in the garbage hurts more than just the environment.

Feb 12 2020; Ocean fish farming in tropics and sub-tropics most impacted by climate change.

Feb 12 2020; Meio Ambiente Rio: Piscicultura oceânica nos trópicos e sub-trópicos mais impactados pelas mudanças climáticas.

Feb 11 2020; My Cowichan Valley Now: Climate change may alter aquaculture on BC’s coast.

Jan 24 2020; Mirage News: Activism drives interest in climate change science.

Jan 24 2020; El Mundo: Costa Rica se prepara para las negociaciones de la agenda marina internacional 2020

Jan 10 2020; Victoria News: Marine protected areas not all good, says Vancouver Island fisherman.

Jan 05 2020; Vancouver Sun: To save fish, ban high seas fishing, UBC professor suggests.

Jan 02 2020; Mongabay: Fish products in European supermarkets connected to unsustainable fishing practices in India.


Fall 2019: UBC Trek: Fish banks: the key to a sustainable world fishery may well lie in our ability to monetize conservation.

December 10: SDG Knowledge Hub: Seas at Risk urges ending overfishing to mitigate climate impacts.

December 9. The oceans are losing oxygen at an unprecedented clip. The Hill.

December 7: The Guardian: Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn.

December 7: EU Today: Ocean experts call for action now!

December 4: Mongabay: Catching fish to feed fish: Report details ‘unsustainable’ fishmeal and oil industry.

November 30: A crisis in the water is decimating this once-booming fishing town.

November 29: The Seattle Times: Warming waters, moving fish: how climate change is reshaping Iceland.

November 27: SF Gate: A crisis in the water is decimating this once-booming fishing town.

November 27: Washington Post: A crisis in the water is decimating this once-booming fishing town.

November 25: Seafood Source: Technological creep doubles commercial fishing capacity every 35 years, pressuring stocks.

November 19: Seafood Source: New tool helps fisheries enforcement track criminal fishing around the world.

November 11: . Chinadialogue Ocean: Majority of global fishing subsidies ‘harmful’, report finds.

October 30: The Ubyssey: The climate crisis will present new management challenges for Arctic fisheries.

October 15: Science Daily: Achieving a safe and just future for the ocean economy.

October 14: UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries News: Achieving a safe and just future for the ocean economy.

October 14: Fayer Wayer: Los oceános se quedan sin peces mientras los Gobiernos aumentan subsidios para pesca de arrastre.

October 10: Gazzetta: Σεβόμαστε την ιδιωτικότητά σας.

October 9: National Geographic: The sea is running out of fish, despite nations’ pledges to stop it.

October 6: Excelsior: Océanos se ahogan; países tropicales, los más afectados.

September 26: Mirage News: Rapidly changing Arctic fisheries potential requires comprehensive management.

September 25: UBC Science: Rapidly changing Arctic fisheries potential requires comprehensive management.

September 4: Ending overfishing is opportunity to combat climate crisis.

August 28: Ghana News Agency: Rashid Sumaila interview with Afedzi Abdullah.

August 20: Ghanian Times: Govt urged to scrap fuel, subsidies to fisher folks.

August 20: GhanaWeb: Redirect pre-mix fuel subsidy to sustain fisheries resource.

August 15: Hellenic Shipping News: Eight urgent measures proposed to ensure future ocean health.

July 2: Nature: Fisheries subsidies wreck ecosystems, don’t bring them back.

June 18: Thanh Niên: Tàu cá Trung Quốc đe dọa môi trường Biển Đông.

June 17: UBC Science: Three new CRCs appointed at UBC Science, seven renewed or advanced.

June 14: UBC Research + Innovation: UBC researchers among new and renewed Canada Research Chairs.

May 29: Trade for Development News: Fisheries subsidies negotiations: what is at stake for least developed countries?

May 1: Innovation UBC: Co-creating a shared vision for Canada’s oceans.

Apr 1: EurActiv: Non aux subventions conduisant à la surpêche !

Mar 31: Le Parisien: Choisir entre la protection des océans ou sa destruction.

Mar 29: BLOOM Association: Professor U. Rashid Sumaila speaks on European fishing subsidies. YouTube.

Mar 11: Darilaut: Perbudakan ABK dan Illegal Fishing di Laut Lepas.

Mar 15: Joyce Murray: Dr. Rashid Sumaila talks at Joyce Murray’s MP Breakfast Connections. Facebook.

Mar 8: University of Western Australia News: Globally renowned fisheries economist Professor Rashid Sumaila visits UWA.

Mar 7: Medcom: Tata Kelola Perikanan Laut Lepas Harus Diperbaiki Menyeluruh.

Mar 7: Tempo: Indonesia Kaji Tata Kelola Perikanan di Sela World Ocean Summit.

Mar 5: SonneSeite: Mehr Klimaschutz brächte Fischerei Milliarden.

Mar 5: China Dialogue Ocean: East China Sea fish stocks hit hard by global warming.

Mar 1: Green Report Italy: Il riscaldamento globale sta già danneggiando la pesca in tutto il mondo.

Mar 1: Wallstreet Online Germany: Mehr Klimaschutz brächte Fischerei Milliarden.

Mar 1: Common Dreams: Global warming decimating world fisheries—and studies warn it's on track to get worse without urgent action.

Feb 28: CNN: Earth's fish are disappearing because of climate change, study says.

Feb 28: The National: Scientists warn global warming could destroy fish stocks and spark migration.

Feb 28: The Japan Times: Scientists warn global warming could decimate fish supplies and fuel migration.

Feb 27: UBC Science: Achieving Paris climate target could net additional billions in fisheries revenue.

Jan 24: Matamata politik: Perairan Dikuasai China, Ghana Hanya Peroleh 5% Keuntungan.

Jan 22: Ghanaian Times: Pool resources to tackle illegal, unreported fishing.


Nov 19: Sightline Institute: Apparently no one knows how much an oil spill on Salish Sea would cost.

Nov 19: Pew: Ending harmful fisheries subsidies could reverse decline in fish stocks.

Nov 14: Yale Climate Connections: Climate change and the oceans.

Sep 18: CBC Radio: Managing the ocean.

Sep 10: The Atlantic: Wait, so how much of the ocean is actually fished?

Sep 6: Vue Weekly: Fishing on the open ocean is rarely profitable, and comes with a huge list of environmental issues.

Sep 3: The Pioneer: High seas need to get fishy again.

Sep 2: Cyprus Mail: The rule of law on the high seas.

Aug 30: The Province: Treaty to regulate fishing on high seas laudable.

Aug 29: Merritt Herald: Establishing the rules on the high seas.

Aug 28: Japan Times: How the U.N. should regulate high-seas fishing.

Aug 23: Radio Free Asia: The South China Sea’s marine environment in decline amid territorial spats.

Aug 9: Pacific Standard: Are wealthy nations hoarding the world's fish supply?

Aug 3: News Deeply: Rich and poor divide: which nations benefit from global fishing?

Jul 19: Pew Trusts: Scientist sees harmful fisheries subsidies taking toll on global fish stocks.

Jun 28: Le Temps: Je propose de transformer la haute mer en banque à poissons.

Jun 8: CGTN America: Rashid Sumaila discusses sea use in Africa.

Jun 6: The Star Vancouver: More than half of industrial fisheries aren’t turning a profit: study.

Jun 6: National Geographic: High seas fishing isn’t just destructive — it’s unprofitable.

May 24: Undercurrent News: EU fisheries commissioner urged to ‘seize the moment’ to end overfishing.

May 24: Industrias Pesqueras: Nueve medioambientalistas instan a Karmenu Vella a poner "la casa en orden".

May 23: Safety4Sea: Nine ocean leaders urge for an end to EU overfishing.

May 23: Recycling Product News: Ocean Summit sponsored by the Volvo Group spotlights the problem of plastic in the world’s oceans.

May 23: European Supermarket Magazine: Global ocean leaders urge Commissioner Vella to end EU overfishing.

May 23: The Shift: Global ocean leaders urge Commissioner Karmenu Vella to end EU overfishing.

May 18: National Post. It pays to invest in biodiversity.

May 17: The Conversation: It pays to invest in biodiversity.

May 14: Reuters: Insurance turns to coral reefs and mangroves as ocean risks surge.

May 3: Re.Think: Should nations close the high seas to fishing?

Apr 30: The Star Vancouver: Climate change could deplete fish stocks without better data, international agreements, researchers say.

Apr 23: Cuarto Poder: “Malos y feos”, subsidios a pesca.

Apr 18: El Universal: “Bad and ugly,” fishing subsidies.

Apr 10: Modern Ghana: Fishers uncertain future; are subsidies to blame?.

Mar 13: Oceana: Dollars for disaster: Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila discuss how governments subsidize overfishing.

Mar 2: National Geographic:

Jan 30: Broadway World: Ocean Luminaries Explore Ocean Mysteries at American Museum of Natural History.

Jan 11: Roundhouse Radio: Oceans starving for oxygen.

Jan 3. GLORES Partner Spotlight: Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Marine Conservation Institute.


Dec 24: National Geographic: The UN starts a conservation treaty for the high seas.

Dec 23: Asia Sentinel: Experts to China: cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse.

Dec 21: Mongabay: Experts to China: cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse.

Dec 11: News Deeply: Last tango in Buenos Aires: WTO faces deadline to ban fishing subsidies.

Dec 11: Food in Canada: Sea Change.

Dec 1: Sverige Radio: Nu invigs världens största marinreservat.

Nov 30: Svensk Dam: Se nya bilderna på kronprinsessan Victoria.

Nov 30: Göteborgs Posten: Världshaven i akut behov av skydd.

Nov 29: Enköpings Posten: Expert vill förbjuda fiske på öppet hav.

Nov 29: Marklund Film AB: Volvo Environment Prize 2017. (video clip).

Nov 28: Kungl. Hovstaterna: Kronprinsessan vid The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity.

Nov 27: Göteborgs-Posten. Världshaven i akut behov av skyd.

Oct 25: interview with Roundhouse Radio:

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October 16: The Province:

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December 20: ICTSD Bridges Africa:

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June 8: Roundhouse Radio interview:

March 28: Take Part:

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January 20: ZME Science:


November 6: China Daily USA:

November 6: Retail News Asia:

November 4: Undercurrent News:

November 3: AFP in Manila Bulletin:

October 22: On CBC News:

August 22: Op-ed in Vancouver Sun:

June 18: Interview on CBC:

June 12: Interview on NPR:

April 15: The Globe and Mail.

April 13: Vancouver Sun (with Ngaio Hotte, my research assistant).

April 13: Vancouver Observer (with Ngaio Hotte, my research assistant).

April 11: Vancouver Sun.

April 11: News1130 (with Ngaio Hotte, my research assistant).

April 10: Global TV.

April 10: Vancouver Sun (with Dana Miller, my postdoc).

April 10: The Tyee (with Dana Miller, my postdoc).

April 9: The Globe and Mail (with Dana Miller, my postdoc).

April 9 and 11: News1130am (with Dana Miller, my postdoc).

March 16: Vancouver Sun.

February 23: Scientific American.

February 22: The Cordova Times.

February 18: Geogarage.

February 16: Canadian Geographic.

February 15: Farm News.

February 15: Market Business News.

February 14: Canada Journal.

February 13: FIS Canada.

February 12: Science Daily.

February 12: Eurekalert. The Global Source for Science News.

February 12: Metro News.


September 3: Virgin Unite.

July 3: Real News Network, USA.

June 24: National Geographic Society.

June 10: Scientific American.

June 10:, study suggests. FIS.

June 10: VICE Motherboard.

June 8: The Ecologist.

June 8: Climate News Network.

June 5:

March 23, 2014. Metro News.


December 3: The commercial seal hunt is showing signs that the end is near. Vancouver Sun.

June 3: Promotion of shark eco-tourism could bite into fin trade. Xinhua News.

June 3: Sharks worth more in seas than in soups, study finds. Christian Science Monitor.

June 2: Shark Tourism Worth More Than Killing Them For Food, New Study Shows. Huffington Post Canada.

June 1: Sharks worth more in ocean than in soup, B.C. study finds. CBC News.

May 31: Why Sharks Generate More Money Alive Than Dead. LiveScience.

May 23: Pros and cons of pipeline expansion in BC. CKNW, The Bill Good Show.

May 23: What Norway did with its oil and we didn’t. The Globe and Mail.

May 8: Ocean acidification affecting Arctic at fast pace. CBC News.

May 7: Arctic Ocean acidifying from greenhouse gasses, study suggests. CTV News.

January 4: Unsustainable fishing threatens Africa’s economy. Ghana Business News.


December 13: Oil spill off B.C. coast could cost $9.6b and wipe out pipeline benefits: UBC. Business Vancouver.

December 12: West Coast oil tanker spill clean-up could cost $9.6B. CBC.

December 12: Cost of B.C. oil spill could outweigh Northern Gateway gains: WWF Study. Toronto Star.

December 12: Study takes aim at Northern Gateway pipe.

December 12: Northern Gateway and marine safety live from Prince Rupert. CBC, BC Almanac.

December 12: Tanker spill could wipe out Northern Gateway rewards: UBC study.

December 12: Enbridge Pipeline Faces Scallop-Farmers Fight: Corporate Canada. Washington Post.

December 12: Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline faces fight from scallop farmers. National Post.

December 12: Enbridge, opponents spar over pipeline’s risks. Globe and Mail.

December 12: Northern Gateway and marine safety live from Prince Rupert. CBC, BC Almanac.

December 12: Appeared on GlobalTV News, Global Morning News, Global-BC Noon News, CBC News, CTV National News and CTV-BC News to discuss the potential economic impacts of a tanker spill in the North Coast region of BC.

November 26: Could rebuilding global fisheries save hundreds of billions of dollars? Mongabay.

November 26: Canadian Ocean economies at risk from GHG emissions. The Hill Times.

November 8: Billions in Subsidies Prop up Unsustainable Overfishing. Inter Press Service.

October 29: Africa said to be losing one million tons of fish every year. Spy Ghana.

October 29: Africa said to be losing one million tons of fish every year. Ghana Business News.

October 25: Africa Loses One Million Tonnes of Fish Yearly Due to Illegal Fishing. All Africa.

October 25: Africa Loses One Million Tonnes of Fish Yearly Due to Illegal Fishing. African Development Bank Group.

August 15: Ocean Health Index provides first global assessment combining natural and human dimensions of sustainability. ScienceDaily.

August 2: The case for a leaner, meaner global fishing industry. Arts Technica.

July 16: $292 billion: the cost of fixing global fisheries. Vancouver Sun.

July 13: How to make global fisheries worth five times more: study.

June 19: “Blue Jobs” Key to Future Fisheries. National Geographic.

June 20: On the Rio+20 conference and Canada’s place in the world environmental movement. CBC Radio – The Early Edition.

April 16: Waking up countries to the state of the planet. GMA News.

April 15: Putting a price tag on ocean damage. Radio Canada International – Marc Montgomery.

April 5: Impacts of climate change on the value from our oceans. CHQR – Dave Rutherford.

April 3: How coral bleaching could lead to famine. Scientific American.

April 1: Human harm to oceans comes with staggering price tag. Calgary Herald.

March 27: Economic and ecological effects of overfishing. German Public Radio.

March 13: Sustainable fisheries management. CITR ProfTalk.

March 21: Fish habitat – why rock the boat? Globe and Mail.

March 12: Our country is “the unhealthiest”? Singapore News – Union Morning Post.

March 7: France, ta mamelle écologique fout le camp! Le Point.

February 22: Singapore: The World’s “Unhealthiest” Country? Wall Street Journal.

February 21: Research identifies six fishing 'danger zones'... where conservation is outweighed by greed and short-term profit. Daily Mail.

February 20: Vancouver scientists unveil global rankings index measuring economy and ecology. Global News BC.

February 20: The Eco2 Index of Nations. CKNW News.

February 6: In Mackerel's Plunder, Hints of Epic Fish Collapse. New York Times.

January 31: Declining fisheries will affect us all soon enough. Vancouver Sun.

January 29: Prince of Wales launches fight to save overexploited oceans from overfishing. The Telegraph.


November 21: Climate change hits fisheries economy. United Press International.

November 21: Warming oceans signal fishery changes, study says. CBC News.

November 21: Impacts of climate change on global fisheries. Radio Canada International.

September 21: The Sahara beneath the waves. Globe and Mail.

September 7: Scientists call for end to deep-sea fishing. The Washington Post.

August 4: Our tuna have many friends. Islands Business.

June 22: Plenty of fishes in the sea? Think again. Economy Watch.

May 1: Global fish supplies ‘will disappear in four decades.’ The National.

February 18: The End of the Line: How a film changed the way we eat fish. The Ecologist.

January 19: Response to “Food security implications of global marine catch losses due to overfishing. J. Emmett Duffy on Faculty of 1000.

January 10: Rashid Sumaila’s response to “The trophic fingerprint of marine fisheries.” Nature.


November 18: Global fisheries in decline. Science Forum discussion of consumer awareness.

October 13: Perikanan Bisa Beri Makan 20 Juta Orang Lagi Jika Dikelola Lebih Baik. Analisa Daily.

September 26: 过度捕捞的负面影响不可忽视., China.

September 22: Un trabajo del profesor Villasante gana un premio sobre pesca en Japón. La Voz de Galicia S.A.

September 18: 水産資源の管理向上で、2000万人分の食料調達が可能に カナダ研究. AFP BB News.

September 17: Dollars, People and Fish: Billions Riding on Stopping Overfishing.

September 16: World Is Paying A High Price in Money and Health Because of Overfishing.

September 16: Fisheries and support sectors generate USD 240 billion worldwide. MercoPress.

September 16: 全球漁業產值2,400億美元 北美佔總數八分之一. Sina Hong Kong.

September 16: The Cost of Overfishing? $36 Billion a Year and Counting.

September 15: Fishing “could feed 20 million more”. Agence France-Presse.

September 15: Efficient Fisheries Can Feed Poor: study. Montreal Gazette.

September 15: Locally-Run Protected Areas Could Reverse Fisheries’ Death Spiral. IPSnews.

September 15: Overfishing Hurts Economy, Public Health, and Ocean Ecosystems.

September 15: Fisheries generate USD 240 billion worldwide. FIS Canada.

September 14: Global Fisheries Research Finds Promise and Peril: While Industry Contributes $240B Annually, Overfishing Takes Toll on People and Revenue.

September 14: World’s fisheries worth US$240 billion when indirect industries included. Winnipeg Free Press.

September 14: World Pays High Price for Overfishing Study Says. Reuters, Allan Dowd.

September 14: Catch Losses from Overfishing Could Feed Millions. Vancouver Sun blogs, Randy Shore.

September 14: Global fisheries research finds promise and peril.

September 9: Pacific sockeye salmon return in record numbers. AFP Newswire, Canada. Terra Daily, On-line.

July 1: Whale watching tourism a solution for whales and fishers. Powerboat World.

June 28: Whale watching worth $2 billion annually. The Province, Canada.

June 26: Watching whales pays off. The Boston Globe, USA.

June 26: Whales smarter than previously thought. The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia.

June 25: Whales worth more alive than dead. Aftenposten, Norway.

June 21: No one eats whales. Why does anyone kill them? The Big Money.

May 31: Can we really put a price tag on nature? The Guardian.

May 25: Ecotrust Launches National Panel Series on the Future of Coastal Fisheries. Ecotrust press release.

May 22: Journée de la biodiversité. Radio Canada Online.

May 19: Oceans’ fish could vanish in just 40 years time: UN. Times of Taipei, China.

May 18: Peştii din oceane ar putea dispărea până în 2050. Romania Libera (Online).

May 18: Temen expertos que los peces desaparezcan de los océanos. La Jornada, Mexico.

May 18: Plus aucun poisson dans les océans d’ici 40 ans? Le Temps, Switzerland.

May 18: UN says 8 bln dollar-investment in greening fisheries could raise catches. People’s Daily, China.

May 18: World’s oceans could be completely depleted of fish in 40 years: UN report. NY Daily News, USA.

May 17: Okyanuslarda balık kalmayacak. Objektif Haber, Turkey.

May 1: Pacific fisheries seek closer links to consumers. Reuters, UK.

March 9: The End of the Line screening in Malta. Charles Clover’s Blog.

March 8: Is Malta’s ‘pot of gold’ about to run out? Times of Malta, Malta.


November 30: Canada looks at soy as source of Omega-3s.

November 17: Domestic farm animals are devouring the world's fish stocks: B.C. study. Vancouver Sun.

November 2: Fishing Subsidies. The Economist.

October 8: One colossal waste. MacLean's.

September 30: $100 Bn a year for climate safety. BBC.

March 16: Quoted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC): "If this high demand for fish continues, given the limited supplies, we are pushing the envelope and that can lead to problems in the near future for us and also for our children and grandchildren." CBC coverage of the paper co-authored by Jenkins, Sievenpiper, Pauly, Sumaila, Kendall, and Mowat is just one of eighty-three news agencies to report on the story.

March 13: Woods Institute names 19 Leopold Leadership Fellows. Stanford Report.

March 9: Fish fare best at economic extremes. Discovery News.

February 9: Africa’s fisheries least able to adapt to climate change. ClimateWire.

Explaining the importance of the ocean to humanity in video. Appeared in a video with several notable celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio and Prince Charles.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) discusses the way forward for fishery subsidies Appeared in a video posted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on video sharing site YouTube is an excellent quick introduction to fisheries subsidies and why it is an important issue.

Appeared two times on CBC News program regarding a co-authored paper on Omega 3 and fisheries conservation.

National Geographic Strange Days on Planet Earth series Overfishing Impacts: Interview with Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila (video clip).


December 29: New ideas for the New Year, 2009. The Tyee.

December 12: Commission agrees to cut tuna catches in Pacific. Associated Press.

December 10: 10 Solutions to Save the Ocean. Conservation Magazine.

November 28: Lasst die Alten unten. Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany.

November 21: Impacts of climate change on global fisheries. Radio Canada International.

Oct. 23: On how overfishing threatens tuna industry. Radio Australia.

August 14: Waves of Disaster. The Georgia Straight.

July 16: Full Price Fuel. 24 Hours News Services.

July 15: Fuel subsidies better spent re-training fishers. UBC Media Brief.

July 16: on fishery subsidies. CKNW - Brett Mineer.

July 15: On the future of global fisheries. CBC Radio - Mark Forsythe.

July 1: Lament for lost way of life in Newfoundland 15 years after cod moratorium. CBC.

April 12: Deep-Sea Trawlers Threaten Marine Life. Voice of America News.

April 3: We are fishing our oceans to death. Globe and Mail, Canada.

March 19: On Omega-3 story. CKNW Radio.

March 18: On Omega-3 story. CBC Radio

March 9: Oceans at Risk. New York Times Editorial.

March 3: WTO weighs if EI for fishermen is an unfair subsidy. Globe and Mail.

February 20: Tuna could see cod-like collapse. Regina Leader Post.

February 20: World's tuna stocks under seige, say scientists. The National Post.

February 20: Conservation measures needed to save tuna: experts. The Vancouver Sun.

February 20: Learning from cod collapse to save tuna. Innovations report, Germany.

February 18: UBC scientist invokes future generations to save tuna populations from collapse.

February 5: 5 Ocean Research Breakthroughs on the Horizon. The Daily Green.

February 5: 2008 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation awarded to Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila. University of Miami Rosentiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science.

February 5: UBC professor wins award to study overfishing. Vancouver Sun.

January 28: A fifth of world's fish landings 'are illegal'. Telegraph UK.

January 21: Until All the Fish Are Gone. New York Times.

Appeared in documentary film The End of the Line: Imagine a World Without Fish. Directed by Rupert Murray.

Featured by the Knowledge Network in The Leading Edge segment “A Subsidized Collapse”.

Appeared in Overfishing Impacts: Interview with Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila (video clip). National Geographic Strange Days on Planet Earth series.


December 13: Laying Waste to the Deep Sea. Time magazine.

December: Multiplicacao dos peixes (in Portugese).

November 24: Coastal project team negotiates its terms of research. The Gazette, Memorial University.

November 1: Fishing For Trouble Governments subsidize plundering of oceans. UBC Reports.

October 19: Aquaculture's growth rate actually is declining.

September 19: Fish Farming's Growing Dangers. Time Magazine.

July 18: Global Fishing Trade Depletes African Waters. Wall Street Journal Online.

July 2: Fishing for a Secure Future. Centrepoint: Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.

March 22: US proposes ban on fishing subsidies in global trade talks.

March 13: Subsidies threaten high seas fisheries. The Ubyssey.

March 9: Hong Kong Environmental group chooses 4 locations for fishing ban (in Chinese). Ming Pao Daily News.

March 9: Hong Kong Hong Kong Fisheries recovery could produce HK$ 10 billion in benefits (in Chinese). Metro.

March 9: Critical time for saving Hong Kong's fisheries (in Chinese). Hong Kong Commercial Daily.

March 9: Half of Hong Kong fishers may be willing to switch livelihoods if they receive appropriate compensation (in Chinese). Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong.

March 9: Hong Kong Fisheries has negative effect for divers (in Chinese). The Sun.

March 9: Hong Kong Fishing curb may net HK$2.6b: study. South China Morning Post.

March 8: Compensation to fishing industry is key to unlocking massive economic benefits to Hong Kong concludes WWF-UBC report. WWF Hong Kong.

March 8: Conservationists push Hong Kong fishing ban. Agence France Presse.

March 8: WWF urges Hong Kong to reel in fishing industry. Reuters.

March 5: Ocean Fisheries Maxed Out. International Press Service.

February 20: Ban subsidies to save our oceans. Independent Online, South Africa.

February 20: Fishing subsidies 'destroy oceans' say scientists. The Times, UK.

February 20: Call to halt fleet subsidies to save deep sea fish. The Guardian.

February 20: Tragedy of the Ocean Commons. National Review Online, USA.

February 19: Call for end to subsidies on deep-water trawling. Financial Times, UK.

February 19: Our Opinion: Deep-sea fish are on the line. Santa Barbara Times.

February 19: Subsidies to high seas bottom trawling fleets - coverage from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting.

February 19: Fishing like an economist. Science Magazine News Blog.

February 19: Call to halt deep sea 'plunder'. BBC News.

February 19: Scientists call for fuel subsidies ban to protect fish.

February 19: The last wild hunt-Deep sea fisheries scrape bottom of the sea. ScienceDaily.

February 18: Government subsidies drive deep-sea fish depletion.

February 17: Deep-sea trawling neither green no profitable. New Scientist.

January 23: MSC goes fishing for public comment on definition of ‘sustainable fishing’; "Improving transparency".

January 23: International marine certification programme invites comment on the definition of sustainable fishing.


December 13: Senate approves Bill to revamp fisheries. Associated Press.

November 20: State-subsidized destruction at sea. The Gazette newspaper.

November 17: Fuel subsidies keep trawlers 'strip-mining' the sea. The Vancouver Sun.

May 1: Broadcast of CBC mini-documentary “On the Island”.

April 2: Without drastic measures, Gulf of Maine cod fishery will be lost forever, by Priscilla Brooks and Rashid Sumaila. Maine Sunday Telegram Maine Voices.


May 10-16: Study throws cold water on B.C. sablefish aquaculture. Business in Vancouver.

May 7: Report casts doubt on B.C cod farming. Anchorage Daily News.

May 5: Economic report looks at BC sablefish farming; Claims its 'unlikely to boost economy' in province. Seafood Intelligence.

May 5: Study says farmed sablefish not economically, ecologically viable in B. C. Intrafish.

May 5: Economists give thumbs down to black cod farming in B.C. Laine Welch of the Fish Radio.

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