Media Coverage


March 12. The fight for west Africa’s fish. Financial Times.
Feb 19 2020; Anthropocene Magazine: Identifying and ending subsidies for extinction.
Feb 11 2020; My Cowichan Valley Now: Climate change may alter aquaculture on BC’s coast.


Fall 2019: UBC Trek: Fish banks: the key to a sustainable world fishery may well lie in our ability to monetize conservation.
December 7: EU Today: Ocean experts call for action now!
October 14: UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries News: Achieving a safe and just future for the ocean economy.
August 28: Ghana News Agency: Rashid Sumaila interview with Afedzi Abdullah.
Mar 1: Wallstreet Online Germany: Mehr Klimaschutz brächte Fischerei Milliarden.


Nov 14: Yale Climate Connections: Climate change and the oceans.
Sep 18: CBC Radio: Managing the ocean.
May 18: National Post. It pays to invest in biodiversity.
May 17: The Conversation: It pays to invest in biodiversity.
Jan 11: Roundhouse Radio: Oceans starving for oxygen.
Jan 3. GLORES Partner Spotlight: Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Marine Conservation Institute.


Dec 11: Food in Canada: Sea Change.
Nov 30: Göteborgs Posten: Världshaven i akut behov av skydd.
Nov 29: Enköpings Posten: Expert vill förbjuda fiske på öppet hav.
Nov 29: Marklund Film AB: Volvo Environment Prize 2017. (video clip).
Nov 27: Göteborgs-Posten. Världshaven i akut behov av skyd.


June 8: Roundhouse Radio interview:


April 13: Vancouver Sun (with Ngaio Hotte, my research assistant).
April 10: The Tyee (with Dana Miller, my postdoc).
February 12: Eurekalert. The Global Source for Science News.



June 3: Sharks worth more in seas than in soups, study finds. Christian Science Monitor.
May 23: Pros and cons of pipeline expansion in BC. CKNW, The Bill Good Show.


December 12: Appeared on GlobalTV News, Global Morning News, Global-BC Noon News, CBC News, CTV National News and CTV-BC News to discuss the potential economic impacts of a tanker spill in the North Coast region of BC.
July 16: $292 billion: the cost of fixing global fisheries. Vancouver Sun.
June 19: “Blue Jobs” Key to Future Fisheries. National Geographic.
June 20: On the Rio+20 conference and Canada’s place in the world environmental movement. CBC Radio – The Early Edition.
April 15: Putting a price tag on ocean damage. Radio Canada International – Marc Montgomery.
April 5: Impacts of climate change on the value from our oceans. CHQR – Dave Rutherford.
April 3: How coral bleaching could lead to famine. Scientific American.
March 27: Economic and ecological effects of overfishing. German Public Radio.
March 13: Sustainable fisheries management. CITR ProfTalk.
March 21: Fish habitat – why rock the boat? Globe and Mail.
March 12: Our country is “the unhealthiest”? Singapore News – Union Morning Post.
February 20: The Eco2 Index of Nations. CKNW News.


November 21: Climate change hits fisheries economy. United Press International.
November 21: Impacts of climate change on global fisheries. Radio Canada International.
September 21: The Sahara beneath the waves. Globe and Mail.
September 7: Scientists call for end to deep-sea fishing. The Washington Post.
August 4: Our tuna have many friends. Islands Business.
January 19: Response to “Food security implications of global marine catch losses due to overfishing. J. Emmett Duffy on Faculty of 1000.
January 10: Rashid Sumaila’s response to “The trophic fingerprint of marine fisheries.” Nature.


November 18: Global fisheries in decline. Science Forum discussion of consumer awareness.
September 26: 过度捕捞的负面影响不可忽视., China.
September 15: Fishing “could feed 20 million more”. Agence France-Presse.
September 15: Efficient Fisheries Can Feed Poor: study. Montreal Gazette.
September 14: World Pays High Price for Overfishing Study Says. Reuters, Allan Dowd.
September 14: Catch Losses from Overfishing Could Feed Millions. Vancouver Sun blogs, Randy Shore.
September 14: Global fisheries research finds promise and peril.
September 9: Pacific sockeye salmon return in record numbers. AFP Newswire, Canada. Terra Daily, On-line.
June 28: Whale watching worth $2 billion annually. The Province, Canada.
June 26: Watching whales pays off. The Boston Globe, USA.
June 26: Whales smarter than previously thought. The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia.
June 25: Whales worth more alive than dead. Aftenposten, Norway.
May 22: Journée de la biodiversité. Radio Canada Online.
May 17: Okyanuslarda balık kalmayacak. Objektif Haber, Turkey.
March 9: The End of the Line screening in Malta. Charles Clover’s Blog.
March 8: Is Malta’s ‘pot of gold’ about to run out? Times of Malta, Malta.


November 2: Fishing Subsidies. The Economist.
October 8: One colossal waste. MacLean's.
March 16: Quoted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC): "If this high demand for fish continues, given the limited supplies, we are pushing the envelope and that can lead to problems in the near future for us and also for our children and grandchildren." CBC coverage of the paper co-authored by Jenkins, Sievenpiper, Pauly, Sumaila, Kendall, and Mowat is just one of eighty-three news agencies to report on the story.
March 9: Fish fare best at economic extremes. Discovery News.
February 9: Africa’s fisheries least able to adapt to climate change. ClimateWire.
Explaining the importance of the ocean to humanity in video. Appeared in a video with several notable celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio and Prince Charles.
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) discusses the way forward for fishery subsidies Appeared in a video posted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on video sharing site YouTube is an excellent quick introduction to fisheries subsidies and why it is an important issue.
Appeared two times on CBC News program regarding a co-authored paper on Omega 3 and fisheries conservation.
National Geographic Strange Days on Planet Earth series Overfishing Impacts: Interview with Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila (video clip).


December 29: New ideas for the New Year, 2009. The Tyee.
December 12: Commission agrees to cut tuna catches in Pacific. Associated Press.
December 10: 10 Solutions to Save the Ocean. Conservation Magazine.
November 28: Lasst die Alten unten. Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany.
November 21: Impacts of climate change on global fisheries. Radio Canada International.
Oct. 23: On how overfishing threatens tuna industry. Radio Australia.
August 14: Waves of Disaster. The Georgia Straight.
July 16: Full Price Fuel. 24 Hours News Services.
July 16: on fishery subsidies. CKNW - Brett Mineer.
July 15: On the future of global fisheries. CBC Radio - Mark Forsythe.
April 12: Deep-Sea Trawlers Threaten Marine Life. Voice of America News.
April 3: We are fishing our oceans to death. Globe and Mail, Canada.
March 19: On Omega-3 story. CKNW Radio.
March 18: On Omega-3 story. CBC Radio
February 20: Learning from cod collapse to save tuna. Innovations report, Germany.
February 5: 5 Ocean Research Breakthroughs on the Horizon. The Daily Green.
February 5: 2008 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation awarded to Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila. University of Miami Rosentiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science.
January 21: Until All the Fish Are Gone. New York Times.
Appeared in documentary film The End of the Line: Imagine a World Without Fish. Directed by Rupert Murray.
Featured by the Knowledge Network in The Leading Edge segment “A Subsidized Collapse”.
Appeared in Overfishing Impacts: Interview with Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila (video clip). National Geographic Strange Days on Planet Earth series.


December 13: Laying Waste to the Deep Sea. Time magazine.
November 24: Coastal project team negotiates its terms of research. The Gazette, Memorial University.
September 19: Fish Farming's Growing Dangers. Time Magazine.
July 18: Global Fishing Trade Depletes African Waters. Wall Street Journal Online.
July 2: Fishing for a Secure Future. Centrepoint: Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.
March 9: Hong Kong Environmental group chooses 4 locations for fishing ban (in Chinese). Ming Pao Daily News.
March 9: Hong Kong Hong Kong Fisheries recovery could produce HK$ 10 billion in benefits (in Chinese). Metro.
March 9: Critical time for saving Hong Kong's fisheries (in Chinese). Hong Kong Commercial Daily.
March 9: Half of Hong Kong fishers may be willing to switch livelihoods if they receive appropriate compensation (in Chinese). Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong.
March 9: Hong Kong Fisheries has negative effect for divers (in Chinese). The Sun.
March 9: Hong Kong Fishing curb may net HK$2.6b: study. South China Morning Post.
March 8: Conservationists push Hong Kong fishing ban. Agence France Presse.
March 5: Ocean Fisheries Maxed Out. International Press Service.
February 20: Ban subsidies to save our oceans. Independent Online, South Africa.
February 20: Tragedy of the Ocean Commons. National Review Online, USA.
February 19: Call for end to subsidies on deep-water trawling. Financial Times, UK.
February 19: Our Opinion: Deep-sea fish are on the line. Santa Barbara Times.
February 19: Subsidies to high seas bottom trawling fleets - coverage from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting.
February 19: Fishing like an economist. Science Magazine News Blog.
February 19: Call to halt deep sea 'plunder'. BBC News.


December 13: Senate approves Bill to revamp fisheries. Associated Press.
November 20: State-subsidized destruction at sea. The Gazette newspaper.
May 1: Broadcast of CBC mini-documentary “On the Island”.
April 2: Without drastic measures, Gulf of Maine cod fishery will be lost forever, by Priscilla Brooks and Rashid Sumaila. Maine Sunday Telegram Maine Voices.


May 7: Report casts doubt on B.C cod farming. Anchorage Daily News.
May 5: Economists give thumbs down to black cod farming in B.C. Laine Welch of the Fish Radio.
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